Sony Mobile SWR50 SmartWatch 3 Fitness, welcome to the excellent companion for Sony items, the SmartWatch 3 from Sony. This innovative device not only showcases the ability to connect through Bluetooth, NFC, and also Wi-Fi, however also an integrated GPS, accelerometer, and also gyro.

Broaden your musical collection with the 4 GB of inner memory, and also track your life with the Lifelog application. Below you could locate an app for every little thing, as Android Put on is forever expandable. As designers produce new methods for you to personalize as well as take pleasure in the Android Use experience, your SmartWatch 3 ends up being increasingly personal.

Sony Mobile SWR50 SmartWatch 3 Fitness with high resolution 320 x 320 pixels and also approximately two days battery life with active use, typically aren’t you curious to find just how the SmartWatch 3 will transform your life?

Never ever be the last to understand with the SmartWatch 3
This is the no inconvenience method to engage with the electronic world, with messages, emails, and also alerts coming with to your wrist instead of your pocket.

The Sony Mobile SWR50 SmartWatch 3 Fitness is the supreme ease, leaving you cost-free to live your life without being secured to your smart device.

Not based on your smart device’s screen
You can now take and decline telephone calls, obtain and also respond to sms message, read emails, scroll through Facebook, as well as get Twitter notices from the comfort of your wrist.

As opposed to a backlight, a transflective display makes use of reflective aspects to provide better readability in intense sunlight, so that anywhere you are, whatever time of day, you could plainly see the display.

Your SmartWatch 3 has relocated up until now past being just a watch
You could keep your music on your SmartWatch 3 and also take it with you wherever you go, also when you leave your smartphone at home.

You’ll locate all your much-loved tracks sat your fingertips conserved in the 4 GB memory, and you could alter tracks promptly or readjust the volume with a straightforward swipe. Or if you’re watching shows in your home, you could download and install the Netflix app and also use your SmartWatch 3 as a remote.

Suitable for every design and also way of life
Design and also compound are combined flawlessly with the SmartWatch 3, with every information thoroughly tuned as well as adjusted.

You could personalise the SmartWatch 3 with a wide array of different wristband layouts, making it your own, you can likewise pick the watch face that you enjoy, from a variety of lovely layouts.

There are additionally lots of information that you can not see that make this smartwatch virtually special. With an IP68 rating, the water shielded premium construct high quality and also luxury materials make sure that you could take the SmartWatch 3 with you anywhere you go.

  • Combined state-of-the-art SmartWatch and life-logging accessory powered by Android Wear
  • Intuitive, interactive device feeds you personalised information as you move while keeping you updated with notifications direct from your smartphone
  • Packed with enhanced sensor technology, it logs your activity then displays it along with graphics in the Lifelog application
  • GPS keeps track of your location and movement, gyro-technology works out direction and the accelerometer senses whether you are walking or running
  • Use it to control your network of devices, browse tracks and move between media on your smartphone, tablet or Walkman